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We hope you like our new blog page as much as we do! It is our opportunity to show you and involve you in our learning. We will be using this page to update you on events in the classroom, use it as part of our learning and hopefully get you commenting too!

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Rivers video

Have a look at different types of river features.

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Y3 Harvest Song

Here is the song that we have been learning in our Harvest Assembly. It is sounding fantastic so far!


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The saga of Biorn

title shotWe have started our Viking topic this term and our first piece of English work is based upon the Saga of Biorn. We have really enjoyed watching the video although Mrs Austin has kept us waiting to see the whole thing. She wanted us to focus on the description of WHAT happens now that we are really good at describing characters and settings. She set us the challenge to be able to tell the reader what happens so that they don’t need to watch the video! We are going to be putting our writing on the blog for you without putting the video on just yet. We want to see if you can tell what’s going on just from reading our work. Mrs Austin will be choosing the her favourite ones through the week and we will type them up. Please let us know what you like about our description and if you have any handy hints about how we can make it better, that would be great.

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Y3’s best bits of their story

Year 3 have been writing a story based on our class book @The Thieves of Ostia.’

They have spent time writing and improving their stories and are sharing the best bits with you.

They had to use time conjunctions (with a comma after them!), description of place using prepositions and also causal conjunctions to tell the reader WHY things happened.


Please read through and tell us what you think!


Thank you,

Year 3

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World Book Day so far…


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River quiz

We have been learning about rivers this term and we have just had a go at this quiz. We did really well and got full marks!

Can you do it too? Click on the picture below to have a go and leave your score in the comments section.

PS- if you get stuck, you could always ask US- we know loads!

Aerial View of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River

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Help us with our mental maths pleeeaaassse!

speed challengeWe use this site in class every Monday to practice our mental maths skills and we love it!

Have a go with us and test your knowledge too!

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E-safety Champions!


We have been talking about how we use the internet to search for information and how many of us just Google something


We were amazed at how many of us simply click on the first link Google gives us! We don’t do that in a sweet shop- we have a good look round and decide which one is right for us.
We used Primary Safe Search to look at how we can use the link bios to make a more informed choice before we click.
Have a look: http://primaryschoolict.com/

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Volcano videos

Here are a few links to videos about volcanoes and rocks. Click on the pictures to watch them and then let me know which one is your favourite and why. Remember- log in at the side with your normal password.

This video explains the structure of the Earth and how volcanoes are formed.


 This video explains and shows molten rock. italy-sicily-stromboli-volcano-eruption

This is the video with David Attenborough where he talks about basalt and lava flows. Etna-Volcano_2766580b





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Harvest Assembly Resources

It is our class assembly on Friday 23rd October at 9am in the Hall. We have got our scripts and should be working hard to learn our lines. We are practicing every day and the children know they need to bring their scripts in EVERY DAY until they know their lines!

We will be singing at the end and although there are many versions of this song (some better than others!) I have put in the version that we are learning. Please feel free to practice this too with your child and sing along with us on the day if you like!

Scroll down for costume advice….

In terms of costumes:

Narrators are just wearing their own smart clothes

Travellers: trousers/ long t-shirts/ boots or wellies

Villagers: standard Nativity village outfits- leggings/ long t shirt/ belt or skirt/ blouse combinations.

If there are any concerns, please come and see me. Please DO NOT buy anything new- we have supplies in school!

Hope to see you all on Friday 23rd ready to sing along with us and celebrate Harvest.

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